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 Another revelation that was made by Ford in said site involves Ford Reflex diesel-electric hatchback, the newest concept car from the company. This slide was due to the 17% decline in less fuel-efficient trucks. This information was divulged by the automaker in its new multimedia site. The website will be also be used by Ford for its national ad campaign called Driving American Innovation, which was launched last fall. In addition, interviews with Fords top designers can also be had. Critics are expecting that this concept car will come into existence this coming 2009. Though it can be used by Ford to bring back its status in car sales, the automaker noted that said website will be primarily used to instill wisdom and awareness and not to lift its slumping sales is especially made advertise the latest design, fuel, safety and other technologies that the automaker is venturing or is about to venture. It is will be putting emphasis on forward-thinking technology over power for its own benefit. Said car is designed to deliver up to 65 miles per gallon. They also predict that said car will encourage the younger market to move towards Ford.9% through August. Its parts are similar to Ford Fiesta parts. It was named as the most significant concept car at the Ward's Auto Interiors Show at Detroit's Cobo Center last June. It can be recalled that Fords vehicle sales this year were off 9. It was the first concept in the award's 5-year history to win points unanimously from the automotive journalists who voted. is experiencing a bumpy ride. Fords website will also be used to pay homage to the Reflex concept car, which was unveiled by the company during the Detroit auto show last January. The site www. The website will be endorsed through broad Internet advertising. Said site also features information regarding the latest from the automaker. .4 billion loss within half a year. Said website can publicize or inform visitors using cartoons, video CNC Metal Parts Manufacturers games and other media.Ford Motor Co. The featured interviews delve on the companys design processes and technologies. Recently, it has announced a $1.

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