Woodward Dream Cruise is a prestigious

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" Ford Focus Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles represent the devotion of Ford to advancing alternative-fuel in todays generation. In fact, in the next decade, said alternative is expected to be viable in the automotive market. Recently, Ford Focus Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle amazes over a million spectators in this years Dream Cruise. It attracts millions of spectators as well as famous car manufacturers. This event is the largest among car celebrations. Said event was held in Birmingham, Michigan last Saturday, August 19. The knowledge we gain by engineering these cars not only benefits our expertise in innovative fuel cell propulsion technology, it also will help us deliver even better gasoline hybrids in the near CNC Metal Parts Manufacturers term. In this 12th Woodward Dream Cruise, Ford made an on the road and on display exhibit to put on show its enormous fleet of fuel cell vehicles. It can be the most expensive car in the Dream Cruise. The trunk also carries the renewable hydrogen fuel. Due to the cost of fuel cell technology, it is deemed that cars such as Focus can be valued close to $1 million. Mary Ann Wright, director of Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Programs for Ford Motor Company, said, "the engineers who work on the Focus FCV work hand in hand with those developing our gasoline hybrids. This is because Ford Focus parts are quite costly and classy.Ford makes one great move as it graces one great event. Woodward Dream Cruise is a prestigious annual event of car culture. Fords fleet is composed of 30 fuel cell vehicles that can mount up more than 180, 000 miles. Ford Motor Company is operating 9 hybrid hydrogen Ford Focus Fuel Cell vehicles in California. . It is one of the 7 cities which Ford has planned to do testing on fuel cell technology. The car looks like sedan, the main difference lies on what is tucked under the floorplan which is the hydrogen fuel cell and auxiliary energy system.


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